Northern Gritstone is a new investment company founded by the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, three of the UK’s leading educational research establishments. It is seeking to raise up to £500 million from strategic corporate partners, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs, creating one of the largest dedicated investors into university science and technology related Intellectual Property (IP) in the world. 

Northern Gritstone will have  a preferred partnership with the three founding universities giving it access to IP developed through a combined research income of over £650m per annum, making it equivalent to the largest combined university research budget in the UK being 25% larger that the individual “golden triangle” average.

The founding Universities combined:

  • Produce 1 in 11 of all patents and 1 in 5 of every IP licenses filed by Higher Education institutions in the UK
  • Are # 1 ranked by research income and  #3 ranked by IP income
  • Comprise of  14 Faculties and over 60 leading academic institutions
  • Have a talent pool of  over 8,400 dedicated researchers, 11,000 academic staff, and 33,000 postgraduate students

Investors will benefit from Northern Gritstone’s preferred access through each stage of the investment life-cycle:

  • Exclusive partnership via a minimum fifteen-year Framework Agreement ensuring ALL Intellectual Property owned by the founding Universities is shown to Northern Gritstone
  • Shared operating model providing dedicated marketing, pipeline development and unprecedented access to ALL academics and research faculties across the three Universities
  • Co-investment opportunities, pre-emption rights and Licensing funding all provided for through a simple corporate structure

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