New gene therapy innovation centre to advance scientific discoveries into life-changing treatments

A pioneering gene therapy innovation centre at the University of Sheffield is set to advance scientific discoveries into promising treatment options for millions of patients with life-threatening diseases. Read more.

A new way of taming the cell cycle with cancer drugs

Researchers at the CRUK Manchester Institute within the University of Manchester have developed a new approach to synchronise the cell division cycle of an entire population of human cells in culture which could have a profound impact on stopping cancer progression. Read more.

Boeing and University of Sheffield AMRC renew partnership for five more years

Boeing has renewed its longstanding relationship with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with an agreement that will continue two decades of innovation and collaboration for another five years. Read more.

Genetic breakthrough in eye disease

Researchers, from the Universities of Leeds and Newcastle have utilised gene editing to fix broken retinal cells in a laboratory setting, paving the way for a treatment for the most common form of inherited blindness. Read more.

COVID catalyst: how graphene can lead the ‘green’ recovery

Innovation in advanced materials has the potential to support social, economic and technological opportunities to help achieve a green recovery following the impact of COVID-19. Read more.

VREvo wins Top Tech North West recognition

The i3HS spinout company launched in 2019 by SHS colleagues Tony Payton and Martin Fergie, has been recognised by Mills & Reeve’s as being one of the top 20 most innovative companies in the North West. Read more.

New £1.6 million research project to support development of drug candidate for the treatment of motor neuron disease (MND)

Researchers from the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Translational Neuroscience (SITraN) have been awarded a £1.6 million grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC). Read more.

Yorkshire & Humber Set To Be Global ‘Smart City’ Pioneers

Slingshot Simulations, a spin-out from the University of Leeds, is to lead a new government-backed project that will make Yorkshire and Humber a global pioneer in the field of smart cities.

University of Sheffield to lead multi-million pound project which could open up a new frontier in physics

A collaboration of scientists from across the UK are working on a new project to detect hidden particles, the discovery of which could open up a new frontier in fundamental physics. Read more.

University of Manchester scientists awarded a Guinness World Record for the ‘Finest Woven Fabric’

Jan 2021 – A team of scientists from the University of Manchester have been honoured with the Guinness World Record for weaving threads of individual molecules together to create the ‘world’s finest fabric’, overtaking finest Egyptian linen. Read more.

Launch of multimillion pound institute for health technology research and innovation in Manchester

A new multimillion pound research and innovation institute that will build on Manchester’s academic strengths in digital health and advanced materials to discover innovative health and care solutions. Read more.

Using targeted microbubbles to administer cancer drugs

Dec 2020 – University of Leeds research has shown how microbubbles carrying powerful cancer drugs can be guided to the site of a tumour using antibodies thereby reducing the risk of the drug damaging healthy cells nearby. Read more.

Next generation of autonomy inspired by insects

Nov 2020 – Engineers from the University of Sheffield are developing the next generation of autonomy as part of a pioneering new spin out company. Read more.