Meet the graphene entrepreneurs putting social responsibility at the centre of their new businesses to help protect our environment.

Across the world, more than one billion tyres are burned or buried in landfill every year. Around 60% of all water used globally for agriculture is wasted.

The need to tackle such issues drives the research and development community at The University of Manchester and inspires Graphene@Manchester’s efforts to foster innovative and sustainable solutions to worldwide problems.

A tipping point

It seems a long time since the properties of the 2D material graphene were first isolated at the University in 2004. But novel materials are historically slow to achieve market maturity. Seventeen years on from the Nobel Prize-winning breakthrough in graphene, we now arrive at a commercial tipping point.

Graphene-enhanced consumer products such as phones and sports gear are now on sale, and a raft of business-to-business applications are either already in use or in late-stage prototype.

To build on that momentum, Graphene@Manchester is helping local small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of expertise across the University, from high-end technical kit to business and legal skills, to take graphene commercialisation to the next level.

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