About Northern Gritstone

Northern Gritstone is a ground-breaking new investment company based in the north of England, founded by the Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield, three of the UK’s leading educational research establishments. 

It intends to be one of the largest investors into academic spin-outs in the United Kingdom, dedicated to financing companies in some of the UK’s fastest growing sectors such as advanced materials, energy, health technology and cognitive computation.

The Founding Universities

The Universities of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield are renowned education and research institutions that have built a strong reputation for innovation across multiple sectors for nearly 200 years. Each University is a trusted long-term strategic partner to many of the world’s best-known businesses across multiple industry sectors.

Combined, the Universities share 33,000 postgraduate students, employ over 11,500 academic staff supported by more than 6,500 researchers and generate an annual income of over £2.6billion. They have been the home to 38 Nobel prize winners and continue to host some of the UK’s leading research institutes developing new insights and solutions into business development and sustainable growth.

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Industry News and Articles

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 FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics provides continuous monitoring for CNC machines. The startup’s device-agnostic, low-cost, the plug-and-play platform allows SME manufacturers to automate machine data collection, whereas traditional machine monitoring systems are expensive and complex to install. Read Read more…

Getting Serious About Leveling Up

Our chairman of Northern Gritstone, Jim O’Neill, writes how the inequalities in the UK economy create great investment opportunities which will have wider impact. Earlier this month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech in Coventry about Read more…